Suresh changed the subject to Happy birthday Kalpesh

Suresh changed the subject to “Happy birthday Kalpesh ”

Suresh – Happy bday Kalpesh🎊🎉

Raju- Happy bday Kalpesh🎈💰🎄

Ganesh – Happy bday Kalpesh🍻🍸🍤

Rhohit – Happy bday Kalpesh🎊🍕🍔

sagar – Happy bday Kalpesh 🍜🍖🍗🍻

Neha : HB

Rahul: happy birthday kalpesh 🍖🍖
Yogesh: happy birthaday kalpesh 🍫🎁🍗
Pintya: happy birthday kalpesh

Jitendra: happy birthday kalpesh ♨🎊🍰

Kalpesh replied in two lines

Thanks Neha..😊😊

Thanks All.