Agar mauka milega toh mujhse shaadi karoge

लड़की: अगर मौका मिला तो तुम मुझसे शादी करोगे? . .

पप्पू: अगर मौका मिलेगा तो फिर शादी करने की क्या ज़रुरत है।


Sweetest reply by a girl to a boy

sweetest reply 😜

Ek ldke ne ek ldki ko propose kia to vo hass ke jaane lgi.

He – Kam se kam jawab to de de 😳

She – Jaa tere dosto ko party de de 😄😋😋


Suresh changed the subject to Happy birthday Kalpesh

Suresh changed the subject to “Happy birthday Kalpesh ”

Suresh – Happy bday Kalpesh🎊🎉

Raju- Happy bday Kalpesh🎈💰🎄

Ganesh – Happy bday Kalpesh🍻🍸🍤

Rhohit – Happy bday Kalpesh🎊🍕🍔

sagar – Happy bday Kalpesh 🍜🍖🍗🍻

Neha : HB

Rahul: happy birthday kalpesh 🍖🍖
Yogesh: happy birthaday kalpesh 🍫🎁🍗
Pintya: happy birthday kalpesh

Jitendra: happy birthday kalpesh ♨🎊🍰

Kalpesh replied in two lines

Thanks Neha..😊😊

Thanks All.



There was a nice quote written in an Auto Rickshaw

ऑटो ड्रायवर की सीट के पीछे
बहुत ही मस्त लाइन लिखी थी ..!!

कपल्स के लिए –
भारत की संस्कृति में सब कुछ बिकता है..
इज्जत से बैठिए आईने में सब कुछ दिखता है.!!


A wife being the romantic sort

A wife, being the romantic sort, sent her husband a text “If you are sleeping, send me your dreams. If you are laughing, send me your smile. If you are eating, send me a bite. If you are drinking send me a sip. If you are crying, send me your tears. I love you!

😗The husband, typically unromantic, replied,

“I am in the toilet. Please advise..😂😂


Mein aapki beti ko shaadi ke baad bohot khush rakhunga

While getting married, most of the guys say to girl’s parents that,
“Mein aapki beti ko shaadi ke baad bohot khush rakhunga”

Have you ever heard a girl saying something like this to the boy’s parents….??????

No….. because women don’t lie


Beta pehli war ghar aaye ho to kuch to lena padega

Aunty👵~बेटा पहली बार घर आये हो कुछ तो लेना ही पडेगा!😊

Boy👨~ठीक है आंटी, अपनी बेटी दे दो!😂

Aunty👵~साले दौबारा घर में कदम रखा तो टागें तोड दूंगी!😠


Boy proposed a girl – Height of positive attitude

Height of positive attitude:

On chat :-

Boy – I love you…????

Girl- hahahahaha

Boy to his friend – bhai, 5 baar ha bolli… pagli bahut pyar karti he mujhse 😀


Some Ladies were Sitting in a Park every day

Some Ladies were Sitting in a Park every day. I was observing them daily as they were Talking and Laughing Loudly.

One day I observed everybody was silent. There must be some Serious issue or Incidents Happened.

So I went to one Lady and ask, Why everybody is Silent Today?

The Lady replied, All Are Present Today.

It took me a whole minute to understand this. 😂😂😂