A real confession of an IT Engineer

Confession of an IT Engineer…..

I work in an IT firm and it is pretty common for us to face issues with laptops. We have a service desk that solves our issues when a ticket is raised. One day I was facing some issue with Outlook and I raised a ticket to get it resolved. I got a call from Service desk lady after some time and it went this way:

Lady: Hi I’m calling from service desk, what is the problem?

Me: (I explained the problem).

Lady: Can you please share your screen and give me the control so that I can solve the issue?

Me: (I shared the screen and gave the control. She solved it!!)

Lady: You may close the ticket from your end, the issue is solved.

Me: Thank you very much, I will close the ticket.

I opened her profile in lync (it is business version of skype, where you can chat and view the profiles of your company mates etc.) and had a look at her profile. The display pic looked small in size. I instantly messaged her Employee ID to my colleague(my college mate) and asked him to have a look at her. He replied “She looks good in some angles”.

I tried searching her FB profile with the help of her name, but there were too many results.

I started searching on linked in instead, I found her profile this time. I was trying to enlarge the profile pic and suddenly a message popped up – it says

” Could you please stop sharing your screen!!..😂