Request to Railway Minister

Request to Railway Minister,

Sir whether you lower the train fare or not but please increase the length of the chain tied with the bathroom mug…
It doesn’t reach where it is supposed to…!!!


Our India is a very surprised country

आठवीं पास शिक्षामंत्री,

हाईस्कूल फेल मंत्री

चायवाला PM
गाय वाला CM

चपरासी की लाइन मे PHD, Engineer, Graduate.
Post graduate

12 रूपए में बीमा और 150 रूपए में दाल….

ताजमहल ही क्यों ?…. पूरा देश अजूबा घोषित कर दो !!😂


Difference between USA president and Indian IPS officer

This is the difference between USA president and Indian IPS officer.. Shame on us!



Indians can speak better English

Once a few Englishmen were discussing Indians and said “Indians can’t speak English”

Over hearing this Swami Vivekananda asked them, “can you tell a sentence in which the word BECAUSE comes three times one after another continually?”

Englishmen could not answer and Swami ji replied “You can never start a sentence with because, because because is a conjunction!”


Thoda aur mehnat ki hoti, to aaj Sarkari naukri lag jati

Sundar Pichai is an alumnus of IIT kharagpur and now he has put India on the world map, after being promoted as CEO of the largest IT company in the world -Google.

He will now be dining with kings and presidents and as CEO will get a chance to change the world. He is probably the most influential and powerful Indian on the planet.

When his parents were interviewed and asked, how they feel at his elevation; his mother replied wistfully,

“Thoda aur mehnat ki hoti, to aaj Sarkari naukri lag jati


The only reason why Britisher ruled INDIA

I m patidar
I m rajput
I m choudhary
I m jain
I m parmar
I m thakor
I m barot
I m sikh
I m muslim
I m christian
Here is the only reason why Britisher ruled INDIA for 200 years they found


No Indian casualties in Bangkok blast

Apparently no Indian casualties in Bangkok blast….anyone surprised????

Now tell me, Which Indian goes to Bangkok to visit a Mandir ??


A young regiment on the border responded to Pakistan

बॉर्डर पे सिख रेजिमेंट के एक जवान ने पाकिस्तान के जनरल को क्या खूब जवाब दिया:-

“खुशनसीब हो तुम जो शेर का शिकार करते हो।हमें तो हर रोज़ कुत्ते मारने पड़ते है।…..”


Kashmir belongs to India only

😜😜अगर मुझे मिल जाति मेरे सपनो की शहजादि ।
नवाज शरीफ की बेटी से हो जाती मेरी शादी।
कश्मीर समस्या का हो जाता समाधान ।
ओर दहेज मे लेता मैं पाकिस्तान।😜😜