Sunny Leone celebrated Raksha Bandhan

This guy has been nominated for Bharat Ratna for celebrating Raksha Bandhan with sunny Leone 😜


Exclusive interview with Rakhi Sawant

Interview with Rakhi Sawant

😆Interviewer: So what is your next project?

😍Rakhi Sawant: This year I am standing for erections!!

😗Interviewer: It’s elections you stand for Rakhi – not erections!!

😍 Rakhi: For God”s SEX
stop making fun of my English!!

😊Interviewer : So why should people vote for you?

😍Rakhi : If you give me one chance, I will give my breast!!!

😝Interviewer: Ok, Ok, let’s change the topic. Heard that you visited a Surgeon again?

😍Rakhi: All lies. I only went to the Dentist to show my tit’s!!!

😥Interviewer: It’s teeth. Why? Do you eat a lots of chocolates?

😍Rakhi: No no. My favourite food is Sea Food, Specially PORNS !!!

😞Interviewer: “Aap Kitni Padhi Likhi Ho?”

😍Rakhi Sawant: “Zyaada Nahi.. Bas Inter-Course Kiya Hai !“

😖Interviewer faints!!!


A pregnant mother asked her daughter

A pregnant mother asked her daughter, “What do u want-
A brother or a sister?“
Daughter:- Brother
Mother:- Like whom?
Daughter:- Like RAVAN
Mother:- What the hell are you saying? Are you out of your
Daughter:- Why not Mom? He left all his Royalship &
Kingdom, all because his sister was disrespected.
Even after picking up his enemy’s wife, he didn’t ever
touch her. Why wouldn’t I want to have a brother like him?
What would I do with a brother like Ram who left his
pregnant wife after listening to a “Dhobi” though his wife
always stood by his side like a shadow? After giving “Agni
Pareeksha” & suffering 14 years of exile.
Mom, you being a wife & sister to someone, until when
will you keep on asking for a “RAM” as your son???
Mother was in tears.
Moral:- No one in the world is good or bad. Its just an
interpretation about someone. Change Ur perception
Irony of life :
A temple is a very interesting place – The poor beg
outside & the rich beg inside…
Ultimate philosophy


Mein uske paas tha Woh mere karib thi

Mein uske paas tha Woh mere karib thi
Fir woh mere paas aayi
Aur thodi si ghabraayi
Jab meine uska haath pakada
To woh thodi si sharmaayi
Usne kaha aaj hum
Aise bandhan me bandh jaaye
Jise duniya ki
Koi taakat na tod paaye
Usne mera haath
Haatho me lekar kaha
Yeh to janam janmo
Ka bandhan hai
Phir mujhe yaad aaya
Woh Saawan ka mausam
Woh poonam ki raat
Yeh to Raksha Bandhan hai!”


Kaamyabi tumhare kadam chume – Raksha Bandhan

Kaamyabi tumhare kadam chume, Khushiyan tumhare charo aur ho, Par bhagwan se itni prarthana karne ke liye, tum mujhe kuch to commission do! To my extremely lovable (but kanjoos) brother… Just kidding as always. “Happy Raksha Bandhan.”


Admin celebrating raksha bandhan

लो जी , लड़कियो ने रोना शुरु कर दिया ..

कहती है…..😗😗😗
रक्षाबंधन मनायेगी तो सिर्फ एडमिन के साथ…..😳😳😳😳

वर्ना ये त्योहार ही खत्म कर दो😱😱😲😲


Sunny Leone Rakhi

ताकी रे….. ताकी रे……
ताकी ताकी ताकी रे…..

जो ग्रुप में sms नही करता
उसके हाथ में सनी लीओन की राखी रे ।।।।😜