Exam mein saamne wale ke bharose mat baithna

परिक्षा मे आगे वाले के भरोसे मत बैठिये,

क्या पता आगे वाला अनामत के भरोसे बैठा हो…


Place with a lot of people yet you feel lonely

Teacher -किसी ऐसी जगह का नाम बतायो जहां पर बहुत सारे लोग हों फिर भी तुम अकेला महसूस करो?

Student -Examination Hall

Teacher -बेहोश!😜😜


Childhood Was The Best Part Of Our Life

When I was kid

• I’d put my arms in my shirt and told people I lost my arms

• Would restart the video game whenever I knew I was going to lose

• Had that one pen with four colors, and tried to push all the buttons at once

• Waited behind a door to scare someone, then leaving because they’re taking too long to come out.

• Faked being asleep, so I could be carried to bed.

• Used to think that the moon followed our car

• Tried to balance the switch between On/Off

• Watching two drops of rain roll down window and pretending it was a race

• The only thing i had to take care of was a school bag.

• Swallowed a fruit seed I was scared to death that a tree was going to grow in my tummy.

• Closed the fridge extremely slowly to see when the lights went off.

• Walked into a room,. forgot what you needed, Walked out, and then remember.

Remember when we were
kids and couldn’t wait to grow up? and now we think why did we even grow up?

Childhood Was The Best Part Of our Life

I know you have a smile on ur face while reading the msg….if u want someone close to u smile too…go ahead..share the joyful memories

Finally, I found the answer to the most asked question in my childhood ..
What do you want to become when you grow up?
A child again.

Big gang of frdsss.
Colorful uniform

Silly fight☺
Friendly teachers
Group photos….

Combined study☺
Never ending P T periods⚾⚽

Rocking annual day
Group discussion on anythg n nothg☺☺
So many hands in one lunch box
Remarkable marks0⃣☺

Terror report card
Self parents signature ✒✒〰
Justified mistakes…

Lovable tour✨
School life.. Is just lik heaven…


Teacher asked a very difficult question to students

टीचर – अब मै तुमसे एक ऐसा प्रश्न पूछने जा रहा
हूं जिसका जवाब तुम लोग सात जन्मो तक नही
दे सकते
टीचर – बताओ एक बाईक पर 13 लोग कैसे बैठेंगे?
स्टूडेँट – सिँपल है सर.
एक ड्राइवर और दो छक्के.
कसम से पाँच साल हो गए और टीचर
अभी तक
कोमा मे है….


What we call it when we ruin our own creation

Teacher to santa

“अपने किए पर पानी फेरना ” को इंग्लिस में क्या कहते हैं ।

संता – बहुत देर सोचने के बाद ………
Flush 🚽


Son of a Hyderabadi family came home crying

एक हैदराबादी परिवार में बेटा स्कूल से रोता हुआ घर आया.😭
मां : काईकू रोरा ?😱
बेटा : टीचर मारी मेरेकू😡
मां : काईकू मारी चुडैल तेरेकू ?👹
बेटा : मैं मुर्गी बोला उसकू🐓
मां : अरे काईकू ऐसा बोला रे ?😱
बेटा : काईकू बोले तो ? हर पेपर में आंडा देरी मेरेकू.😝😝😝😂😂😂


New teacher joined in the school

New teacher joined in the school.
Teacher: students tell your names and hobbies.
1st boy:- my name is Arun, my hobby is watching moon.

2nd boy: my name is Pratik,  and my hobby is watching moon.
3rd boy:-my name Vikas, and my hobby is watching moon.

Teacher:-wow good good everyone has same hubby..

Ok, now girls turn..

1st girl: Hello mam my name is Moon, and my hubby is..

Teacher shocked..
Boys Rocked